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Do you need a physical, emotional and spiritual reset?

6 October, 2024


 Physical, emotional and spiritual reset?


Welcome to Yoga Loft Newcastle CBD, where we invite you to embark on a transformative journey towards physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal.

Our October long weekend one day workshop is designed to guide you through a profound awakening, helping you shed layers of conditioning and welcome peace, joy, and divine love into your being.


Limited to just 10 participants, this intimate experience offers a range of soul-nourishing activities, including a private trauma recovery session.

You can expect a beautiful opening ceremony to set intentions and connect with our heart-centered facilitators, Cveta , Mel and Valerie.

Over the day you have the opportunity to participate in the following.

Vinyasa and Yin yoga to release tension and prepare for healing, mantra chanting for energetic cleansing, meditation for inner reflection, sound immersion for deep relaxation, body scans to identify and dissolve energy blockages, emotional release techniques, and a sacred sharing circle for authentic connection.


Whether you’re just starting out in your healing journey or have advanced in your spiritual growth and you’re ready for a massive shift in your life, then this 3-day workshop is just for you.

Let us guide you to your path of awakening as we dive deep into your soul. It’s time to dismantle layers of your conditioning so you can allow peace, joy, and divine love into your being.


This is limited to 10 people.

Day intensive valued at $200  Early bird price $159







Opening Ceremony

Feel settled and safe to just be yourself with our heart-centered facilitators who have walked in your shoes, intention settings for our time together, sacred sharing, and energy work to move the chi/prana to be in your body and to connect with the tribe.

Vinyasa and Yin yoga

Release stress, anxiety and tension from the body through yoga to prepare itself to receive vibrational healing.


Mantra and Chanting

Experience an energetic clean-up through your energy centers as you learn the power of your own voice as we teach you how to chant ……..



Sound Immersion

Meditation - Body Scan

Scan your energetic body to identify any obstructions and blockages in your energy flow. We will help you shift and dissolve this depending on what is shown.


Emotional Release

Learn how to process and release stress, anxiety and tension through emotional activities in order for you to experience emotional release.


 Sacred sharing circle

You can choose to share your experiences from the day workshop where you are being seen, held and listened to without others giving you advice so we can honor your journey


Closing Ceremony

Q&A and chanting meditation to raise vibration and experience clarity, contentment and calmness leaving you grounded and integrated.

Are you seeking to embody growth, wellness, mindfulness, meditation, healing, breathwork and inner peace? Do you ever think of escaping from your daily life challenges, and going somewhere new where you can rest and focus on your reason for being?

Most people live their entire life not doing that. 

Our retreat provides just that opportunity. 


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