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Tweleve Years Experience




If we have not meet before my name is MEL.

Only my sister & mum call me Melissa tho, lol !


I am incredibly passionate about sharing the skills and

techniques that have help me navigate the challenges

of my life. over the last 17 years of diving deep into understanding myself, my emotions, my thinking to slowly gain control back over the way I felt and act.


From overcoming sexual abuse to dealing with the

lose of a parent and starting a new chapter after leaving

my marriage, i have learned how to over come negative thinking allowing me to 

move forward and live my life with guilt, fear and slef-doubt.


If i can break free from the mental stories that once held me back, so can you!

I have complete faith in your ability to do the same.

I understand what it feels like to be trapped and stagnant, but i also now it takes to break free from those limiting narratives. If i can do it, so can you!

Within the comfortable environment of Sala, i am here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to discover a version of yourself that is liberated from the struggles we develop to cope with negative experience in our lives.


I created SALA with the purpose

of fostering a community

where we can all come together to

share, learn, and inspire one another.

Together, we can move through any challenges

that come our way and build a life

that is abundant in

joy and meaning.



My Life has had a interesting way of unfolding allowing me to grow into

33 year old woman i am today.. 


From childhood i have indued painful situations out of my control, and although It was distressing and challenging then.

My past pain has allowed me to know myself on the deepest level. 

My experiences taught me how to relate to myself and other around me in a much healthier way. 

Letting my pain become my power and my purpose .I am proud of who I have become and my story. 

With a back ground in mental health, later becoming a massage therapist i have learnt that true transformation comes within.

Over the last 10 years i have Deepened  my education and becoming a Reiki, yoga, pilates and meditation teacher. 


Helping individuals with an over active mind to slow their thoughts to refocus & control their mindset.

Working as a Massage therapist, Yoga, Pilates & meditation teacher & wellness coach.

with over 400Hr Yoga & Meditation teacher training completed.

I Coach, educate and empowering parents with older that kids add value and purpose back into there life now their kids are all grown up.

Helping them reconnect them to the version of them before they had the title of MUM or DAD..


I share  practice and tools to help you understand your emotions and mindset, noticing how our mind is continually moveing and creating our now reality.


I empower all my clients with tools, techniques and space to moving throw their story shifting limits belief, stress & anxiety from the inside out.. 


What you gain from working with me!!

Experience a significant reduction in anxiety, enhanced mental clarity, and a greater ability to relax and full asleep naturally.

I provide support and guidance that is personalised to your needs.

Upgrade in confidence through Learning to create a healthier relationship with yourself.


Regulate your emotions 


Understand and experience what Meditation


Learn to enjoy downtime and not feel guilty and stop people pleasing


finally ready to let go of overthinking? 


Learning to trust and feel

Safe in their own body.. 


building value & Purpose back into their life, now the kids have grown up!!

I Coach, educate and empowering. I specialise in helping individuals that struggle to fall asleep due to overthinking living them with a busy mind that is hard to control especially late at night.



Im passionate in the work i do, helping my clients understand their mind to a the point the mind naturally slows and settles. Seeing this shift within my clients is so rewarding, work together design that lifestyle that they all once believed they can’t have.


You can expect through working with me is to be stretched mentally, expanding your awareness to refocus your mindset allowing you shift  limiting beliefs and emotions like stress & anxiety from the inside out.


Alway there to remind you importance of consistence & effort !

self-growth is a side effect of accumulated effort.



What you may not know about me


-I am a lover of ocean swims & Sunrises. 

-I  haven’t watched TV for over 10 years.

- I have addictive personality, It is now one of my strength

-My footprint on this earth is very low as I live fully of grid

-I am not interesting in being happy at all my life goal is to maintain contentment

daily with-in ever life experience good or bad..


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