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What is a Relaxation Massage?

As the name implies, a relaxation massage is a type of massage therapy that emphasises promoting general relaxation through reducing muscle tension, and enhancing blood circulation. Its main objective is to help you take some time away from the demands of work and recover from the domains of daily life.


Using a variety of techniques, relaxation massage is essentially designed to relax, calm and soothe you and your body. The relaxation massage therapist will enhance the massage through essential oils and relaxing music to optimise relaxation levels. The amount of pressure for a relaxation massage is deep, but not painful.


What does a Relaxation Massage Therapist do? 

The massage therapist will use moderate to medium manipulation methods on the body's surface layers during a relaxation massage therapy session. Although it works wonders at relaxing fatigued muscles, unlike deep tissue or trigger point massage, it doesn't require in depth targeting of the muscles. The client's back, neck, arms, and legs are frequently worked on by the therapist utilising lengthy, gentle strokes and kneading motions. There are several techniques to improve flexibility and circulation of the muscles and at Sala Newcastle we know it's important to understand what's important to our clients so we can tailor each treatment and session to their individual needs.








​The Difference between a Relaxation Massage and a Remedial Massage?


There are several different massage techniques out there and it's important to know what will best suit your needs. Remedial Massage Therapy is designed to target specific pain from conditions or injuries. The Remedial Massage Therapist will do an initial assessment to decide on the best massage techniques to heal damage, aid recovery, maintain mobility and encourage the body to improve its own repair mechanisms. Relaxation massage on the other hand is designed to simply rejuvenate, calm or unwind the body and mind. If you deal with high levels of stress, this massage technique will help reduce anxiety, promote
relaxation and improve productivity.

Benefits of a Relaxation Massage


Just like other relaxation techniques, the advantages of a relaxation massage typically
persist for several days after getting therapy. During a relaxation massage, there should be
no discomfort; in fact, the experience should be very enjoyable. The client's general health
and wellbeing will benefit greatly from the gentle kneading and long, smooth stroking
rhythmic strokes. Receiving regular massages, especially relaxation massages, can provide
several health, mind and wellbeing benefits.

The benefits include:

•  Minimises neck and back discomfort
•  Improves peripheral circulation
•  Lowers blood pressure
•  Relieves headaches caused by muscle tension
•  Reduces stress levels
•  Accelerates the healing of soft tissue injuries
•  Facilitates relaxation and better sleep


Regular massages can reduce muscle tension and the perfect way to relax and unwind. If
you're searching for Newcastle Relaxation Massage Therapy, Sala Newcastle provides
individualised care based on your needs. Ask us to assist you in creating a plan that best
meets your unique requirements. It could be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly treatments.

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