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  Revitalizes and reward your team,  
  keeping them motivated with our  
office massage service.  

We specializes in delivering on-site massage and wellness sessions into the working week. 
There  is now abundance of research that suggests there is a, 
myriad of benefits for health and well-being for all employers and employees when incorporating regular massage and wellness into your workplace culture.


  Yoga for Relaxation  

Yoga 45 minute to bring counterbalance the hours of sitting. Relieving tightness in arms, neck, and shoulders.

​  Meditation to improve focus  

Science based customizable session 

to help your team alleviate stress improve focus and clear the mind.

  Massage Packages  

15 minutes is all that is need to melt neck and shoulder tension and tightness.

Most popular chose for busy workplaces.


Our massage therapists move quietly from person to person without disrupting the working environment. No equipment is needed as your staff remain at their desks. 

This perfect option and is best suited to larger office spaces with higher staff numbers.


Benefits of Roving Office Massage Workplace massages are widely utilized as an alternative to enable feelings of happiness, gratefulness, and increased focus!

Corporate massage in the office will promote a powerful sense of employee wellbeing that will leave a lasting memory on all participants.


W​With more then 12 years experience,

 all our massage therapists are fully qualified! 

Businesses We Currently Work With

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"Hunter Homes commenced their Yoga and Massage session in February 2023. Mel attends our premises each fortnight to conduct Yoga or Massages for our team! She is professional, accommodating, passionate and overall, an amazing soul. We would recommend Mel to any business looking for something a little different for their team."



SALA'S  exclusive Massage service isdesigned to make the process seamless, bringing relaxation andrejuvenation directly to your ofice.directly to your office.


Office Massage

Corporate massage

Corporate Meditation

Corporate Yoga

Corporate & Events

Corporate Pilates 

Corporate team building

Corporate Breath-work

& Ice-Baths

Corporate Relaxation class

- Yoga Nidra

Corporate Sound Bath

For relaxation and stress relief

Group Yoga & Meditation Classes

(Onsite and Virtual) 


0475 685 238

Our professional workplace massage and wellness services will

re-energize and engage your team.

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