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1:1 Session

Service Description

Ideal for beginner's Do you have a over active mind? Do you find it hard to switch off and falling a sleep. What to expect in a 1hr session.. Each session begins with an initial consultation to know your experience, goals, and any challenges you may be facing. This allows me to understand your individual needs and customise the session accordingly. We will work together to establish clear and specific goals for your meditation practice. Whether it's reducing stress, improving focus, or cultivating inner peace, they will help you identify and prioritise your intentions. I will provide instructions on different meditation techniques and guide you through each practice. They may offer a variety of techniques such as breath-work, visualisation, body scan, or mantra repetition, based on your preferences and goals. My job is to helping you refine your practice and overcome any challenges or any obstacles that arise. Sharing insights and suggestions provide feedback, support, and encouragement, to help deepen your meditation experience. I will help you establish a consistent meditation practice, and offer accountability to help you stay on track towards your goals. Over time, adjusting the techniques or practices as needed. What you can start to gain with regular sessions -Gain control over your busy mind -Raise your awareness. -Learn & practice the skill of relaxation and concentrate -Shifting limits beliefs, stress & anxiety -Creating a healthier relationship with yourself -Learning to trust and feel safe in your own body. -Rebalance your nervous system -Improve your memory and slow down ageing. -Improve your sleep quality Having a Meditation practice can have numerous benefits to your overall well-being allowing you to experience inner peace. Click the link below or call 0475685238 to book now!

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  • 101 King St, Newcastle NSW, Australia


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